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No New Posts Ohh Lords!-Traci Lords aerobics video- (Preview)
the key word guys :TRANSITION...
PlayDead 1 747
No New Posts DR. ELEAZAR NORIEGA (Preview)
Doctor Charged With Sexual Assault After 8-Yr-Old Girl Complains Monday March 31, 2008 Staff A doctor who was previously barred from examining female patients without supervision was back in court Monday facing new charges. Toronto police arrested Dr. Eleazar Noriega, 63, on Satur...
LGigolo 11 6844
No New Posts 2guys1horse (Preview)​wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
PlayDead 14 4075
No New Posts wow Tim Horton's coffee at NO FRILLS (Preview)
I'm so happy happy happy, NO FRILLS is now selling Timmy's coffee tins!!!!!
Vanilla 6 892
Poll guys have you ever tried to enter in the wrong hole on purpose? (Preview)
have you?
PlayDead 11 520
No New Posts Oscar De La Hoya Vs Mayorga ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
Oscar De La Hoya returns to the ring to face Ricardo Mayorga. "The Golden Boy" to take on "El Matador" for the WBC 154-pound crown on May 6, live on Pay-Per-View. It ain't gonna be The Golden Boy after this fight.....El Matador le va dar una paliada!!!!! Mayorga (28-5...
Cocotaso 62 1563
No New Posts Japan's RIYO MORI is Miss Universe 2007 (Preview)​news/​suniverse_dc__ER:14501
LaDyBuG 42 1706
No New Posts so I have a juicy pimple right on my chin (Preview)
should I pop it?
RazorbladeKiss 16 4148
No New Posts Do you know or have you ever known any groupies? (Preview)
Do you know or have you ever known any groupies? I remember back in the day when I used to go to the Wonderland festivals and Ontario Place festivals seeing girls from my school waiting backstage for the performers to come out. Don't know if they ever actually did anything with them, but they sure look...
Jaime Cruz 48 783
No New Posts Vultures Wanted (Preview)
As if things weren't bad enough around the world... now the Parsis are running out of vultures! ndia Funeral Ground Photos Stir Anger By RAMOLA TALWAR BADAM Associated Press Writer September 7, 2006, 3:49 PM EDT MUMBAI, India -- For centuries, the Zoroastrian dead have been wrapp...
LAB_ 1 2497
Poll Double penetration experiences? (Preview)
who here in this forito has had some experiences involving double penetration sex (vaginal/anal)?
PlayDead 20 3254
No New Posts Latin Grammys ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
I'm watching the Latin Grammys....great talent  out there. The only dissapoitment I just saw so far (for me) is Don Omar's show. He's usually hype... The dancers saved the energy on that segment. TLN has SHITTY mono sound...maybe that's why it sounds ugly. What do you g...
latinsoulchild 74 1786
No New Posts NANDO BOOM IS HERE FROM PANAMA..... (Preview)
Mar 20 al 22 Nando Boom en Toronto Organizado por: Proamsa Inc. Lugar: Toronto. Fecha: 20 al 22 de Marzo, 2007. Hora: 2:00 p.m. Más Info: Ramon, (305)801-0737,, Nando boom estará en gira promocional en Toronto. Esta pendiente de las radios hispan...
LaDyBuG 19 1148
No New Posts Café con Piernas in Toronto (Preview)
I was thinking the other day if this concept would work here in Canada??? here there're coffee shops and strip joins...but nothing really in between.... for those who don't know what a café con piernas is.... it's a chilean type of coffee bar served by nice young ladies weari...
McOSIRIS 42 2048
confundida 34 729
No New Posts LIME FRIDAYS @ THE GUVERNMENT ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
   *** Jokerz R Us Ent & Starchyld Ent  Present *** The Grand Opening of a New Latin Night @ Guvernment Night Club on Friday Nov 17th !!! ******** LATIN LIME FRIDAYS ******** Bringing you a Blend of Sexy People, Music and Style . Diamante Sound Crew - Spinning Reggae...
aka_taco 99 2479
No New Posts MINDTRAP - Let's see who knows their math! (Preview)
Not that hard. __________________ Barney Dribble was going on a one-way bus trip. He intended to ride for a certain distance, get off the bus, and walk back to town. If the bus travels at a rate of nine kilometers per hour and he was to walk back to town at a rate of three kilometers per hour, how far w...
Bainaman 27 366
No New Posts Angry Girls-Ganging Down (Preview)
Think about Toronto’s gang problem and the image of a tough male teenager likely comes to mind. But they’re not the only ones in these groups that promote organized mayhem on city streets. Girls are also among the ranks. But thanks to a documentary film, a few young Toronto women sudd...
Confesiones 3 537
No New Posts LA CONCHA NEGRA ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
Bainaman 51 786
Poll Have you ever masturbated... (Preview)
in the subway? -- Edited by PlayDead at 15:31, 2008-06-24
PlayDead 17 1508
No New Posts @Charlie Moet.... ( 1 2 3 4 ) (Preview)
a little too much don't you think? honestly, if you don't have nothing productive to say into this...then don't...and continue with your "rompediscotekas" thread... thanks in advance....
Confesiones 170 1465
No New Posts The official Babe forum ( FirstLast » ) (Preview)
What's up guys. I've decided to open a babe forum. Please posts pics of any female celebrities you think are hot...although there are no penalties for posting a pic of someone who is not a celebrity. Girls if you like girls you can feel free to post as well. And if there are any guys here who don't like wome...
Jaime Cruz 883 15492
No New Posts Ask A Girl! ( 1 2 3 4 ) (Preview)
This thread has been created for all the guys who have questions they've been dying to ask a girl. Now is you chance gentlemen, to get all your answers from the foro Women/girls/Hot mamas. So Ask away!. Ps. You see, i contribute to my community.
Guadalupana 173 1758
No New Posts WBC - CUBA vs PUERTO RICO (Preview)
OH MAN!!! WHAT A GAME!!! LOT'S OF STRATEGY AND DRAMA....   CUBA 4 - PUERTO RICO 1 The game is actually closer than the score leads to believe..... A bad error was the cause of the Cuban's last three runs....  
Bainaman 25 1339
No New Posts The "Let's not talk about the Alex & Monchandra fiasco anymore" thread. (Preview)​wbiz/showbiznews.html?in_article_id=449062&in_​page_id=1773&ico=Homepage&icl=TabModule&am​p;icc=picbox&ct=5
TV Buff 34 344
No New Posts Sexual Assault on 32 yr old woman (Preview)
In today's City TV News....... According to the Ontario Womens Directorate, 57 percent of rapes happen while on dates and one in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Here are some myths and facts about dating violence courtesy of Health Canada: Myth: Women are at a great risk of be...
Maracuya 3 804
No New Posts Kafu Banton (Preview)​er.viewprofile&friendid=76143165
Jinx 39 1416
No New Posts XBOX 360 ELITE (Preview)
Xbox 360 Elite is a new model of the video game and entertainment system that includes a 120GB hard drive, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable, and a p...
LGigolo 5 302
No New Posts Ecuador vs. Alemania...!!!! ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
NeNa 85 842
No New Posts Ecuatorianos del foro ...question (Preview)
ustedes toman zhumir?  you like it?  what do you mix it with ?  i had 3 shots of it yesterday without mixing   ....almost burned my whole throat ..its been a while since i had it you guys try it?  u like it ? if not what ecuadorian rum do you prefer?
DannyC 29 2359
No New Posts Juanes concert ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
Hey guys & girls I was wondering who's going & what tickets you got. Me & Fea are not sure what to get: Either Floor or seats. What's better? She & I would like to know ASAP. Thanks
No New Posts The "flimsy" handshake..... (Preview)
How important is a handshake when you meet someone? Does a firmer handshake mean you can depend on that person more? Does a flimsy handshake mean that person is a snob.....?   Personally.....there's something about a MAN not having a firm handshake that turns me off and makes me think h...
LaDyBuG 20 3806
No New Posts cute does not equal sexy. Sleazy is not sexy. (Preview)
Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday folks. Work has kept me busy. So time for some banal pursuits- ruffling people's feathers. Rule for all you ladies out there: 1. Cute does not equal sexy. If you are old enough to vote -you are too old for dolls, stuffed animals, looney tunes, unicorns, etc. The on...
neruda 19 379
No New Posts BEER!!! LET'S TALK BEER!!!! ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
Okay what is your favorite type of beer and how do you like to drink it?  YOU can only name two beers....first and second choice.   I dont drink beer but I like Stella Artois!!!! I also like Corona with tabasco sauce and salt around the rim - YUM!!!!!! Ice cold of course..I love when peop...
Chilenita 67 959
LaDyBuG 45 584
No New Posts VIDA vs FHM (Preview)
Vida VS FHM 4 hours 25 min ago In case you missed it. As we got the chance to meet all these fabulous, young, talented people at the Fox/Billboard media junket, we came across the very interesting and lovely Vida Guerra. The model is best known for her sexy Playboy photoshoots and music videos w...
luna chiquitita 15 326
No New Posts WTF is going on with foro????!!!! ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
Luna doesn't post as much JC is slowly becoming MIA Mimi quit then came back Barbie Rakata Rakata was interesting but left Zina was decent enough but got embarrassed and left Crazy Bird is stirring up all this sh*t MJ quit to take grammar lessons El Pibe is posting like a girl X4v13r is fascinated wi...
Marky Mark 54 878
No New Posts FOOD TRIP!!! how do they inuit people say thank you the food was excellent? (Preview)
in canada, how do they inuit people say thank you the food was excellent? a the peform the ancient dance of a 1000 thanks b they burp c they leave coins under the plate answer: B TAKE A FOOD TRIP!!​swf   :bi...
Confesiones 1 363
No New Posts PICTURES*&*&*&​amp;amp;amp; (Preview) VISITED PRIVILEGE LAST SATURDAY AND TOOK SOME PICTURES*&*&*&   YOU MUST GO TO the part that says Toronto and then sign in.i f you are not a member you have to sign in to see these pictures but if you are too lazy pm me and i will give you mine  inside t...
sabornuevo 4 255
No New Posts HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENIE!!!! ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
LaDyBuG 61 2569
No New Posts I want a FUNNEL CAKE!!!!!!! (Preview)
I want a FUNNEL CAKE Hey! Is anyone going to go to WONDERLAND this year???????????? I'm thinking about a season pass but I'm not sure if I should get one    
DulceGalletita 27 773
No New Posts How to get rid of moose knuckles, male camel toe? (Preview)
 im sick of this sometimes i have to wear certain clothing, like a suit, for work. when i do, theres not much left to the imagination. i see people gawking, smirking, giggling at me. im tired of it. how can i get rid of this or deal with it? i dont think people take me as seriously. i understand very muc...
Marquis_de_Sade 14 4909
No New Posts PRICELESS PICS... POST 'EM (Preview)
I'm sure you've all seen some of those "PRICELESS PICS" that to around... post 'em here... be sure they are not the kind that might get you banned! P.S.: Edited to please all the biatches that complained :biggr...
LGigolo 23 1311
No New Posts LABIOS CLUB - any good? (Preview)
Any good on a Friday night? Feedback please?
latina4evrgp 23 2449
No New Posts Happy B-Day Marky Mark ( 1 2 ) (Preview)
As per my source today, is also Marky Mark's B-Day so I wish you the same as Miel and hopefully you get to party with us   
Salsera de Corazon 52 761
No New Posts Wholesale Cheap Nike Shoes,Wholesale Cheap Jordan Shoes (Preview)
Wholesale Cheap Nike Shoes,Wholesale Cheap Jordan Shoes Buy cheap nike shoes in here Cheap Jordans For Sale - Wholesale Cheap Nike Shoes 2012 Cheap Nike Shoes, Wholesale Air Max Shoes, Discount  Nike Shox Shoes, Buy Air Cheap Air max,Cheap Nike shoes,Cheap Jordan Shoes...
ryliuhu 2 1547
No New Posts why (some) girls don't shave??? (Preview)
lets start something new...maybe some girls can give some answers to this DILemma... Why some girls don't shave...???is there any reason why...??their boyfriends likes them "hairy"..?? no one ever told them body hair is not "cool"...specially in the lower areas...come on girls...u dont have...
poli069 17 532
No New Posts TEST: DO YOU HAVE A DIRTY MIND? (Preview)
So do you see these ad's as dirty or innocent? I for one have a very dirty mind and I saw them has naughty instantly how about you???? The first one is a sideways open eye, the next is an open book, and then we have bread a baguette, and a top view of glasses of Bailey's with an ice cube in each, then we have a hand...
LGigolo 1 504
No New Posts T.G.I.F (Thank God It's Friday) (Preview)
WhaT's GOOD tonight! Where some of you headed? Where's the party? SAT. lost of us here in the FORO will be @ AVENTURA @ confu&LB Sunday what's good!...........? As for me i'm looking for  a place to PARTEEE!! tonight and tomorrow is booked but sunday I have my soccer games....w...
DJ PRIETO 19 290
No New Posts vagina pumps (Preview)
do you find Pumped vaginas sexy?
RazorbladeKiss 18 2026
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